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Can your business afford not to be on Pinterest?

If you haven’t heard of being ‘Pinteresting’ or think Pinterest is only for overexcited brides-to-be who have their dream wedding all mapped out on the platform, many years before they even get to say ‘I do’ – you need to read this.

Pinterest is the fourth-most-popular social media platform in the U.S. (outranking Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp). When it comes to the social media market share Pinterest ranks in third place in the UK. This ranking is six places ahead of LinkedIn. S-I-X!

Let’s look at the stats globally.

250 million people now use Pinterest each month (source: ). Up until recently over 85% of Pinterest users were female – which used to make me think the whole social media platform was a conspiracy created by some men wanting to fool women all over the world into cooking, cleaning and exercising…

But, according to the latest statistics 50% of newly registered users are male, and this number keeps growing. High-income and educated households are twice as likely to use Pinterest as low-income and less educated households.Compared to the 71% of social media users across all the standard platforms, 98% of Pinterest users go out and try the ideas they find on the channel.

I’ve been using Pinterest with a personal account on a daily basis, for over 8 years now. I’ve recently converted it to a business account as I’ve realised I was getting lots of traffic – 24k monthly unique viewers at the time of writing this article. This is without a particular Pinterest strategy or an ad campaign in place, so you can imagine the possibilities for organic reach once you put a plan into action. Which leads me nicely to the next fact..

1.5 million businesses are on Pinterest.

Can you, as a business, afford not to be present on this platform? Pinterest for business is free to use and makes it really easy for you to grow an audience – once you know how to use it and dedicate regular time to it.

Pinterest is for shoppers. Regardless of whether your product is a foot scrub or an online course, your Pinterest strategy is critical to your sales strategy.

The numbers speak for themselves: 59% of millennials have discovered products on Pinterest. That puts the platform on par with Instagram, as far as product/service discovery goes. This is even more impressive when we know that Instagram has four times as many users as Pinterest.

90% of weekly Pinterest users make purchase decisions using Pinterest. They are constantly looking for inspiration and weighing up their options. Whether they purchase online or offline, immediately or later, Pinterest boards are definitely becoming shopping lists as opposed to mood boards.

Where’s the proof, you ask? Do Pinterest users take action?

Oh yes, they do. They click through to shopping sites more than Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter users. Proportionately, Pinterest drives more referral traffic to shopping sites than all of the other social platforms: 33% more than Facebook, 71% more than Snapchat and 200% more than Twitter.


To summarise it all...

Pinterest is the search engine where you find the things you need to buy – a product or a service - in order to become that perfectly improved self.

Pinterest users are future planners, which means they’re in discovery mode: this is the right time to be introduced to your product, your services, your brand.

So, are you on Pinterest already and do you use it for business?

Zsike | chief vampire

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