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Do you - should you - fake it till you make it?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Speed pondering on a recent business blunder...

My fragile pride took a beating recently.

In a way it was self-inflicted too.

I'd agreed to take on a slightly specialist task, honestly believing that I had enough knowledge and experience to complete it. It turned out I was wrong.

Admitting this to myself first was the hardest part.

I then had to compose a polite email, explaining the reasons I couldn't even start working with this new client who have only recently signed my contract, and this was the first task I got sent through from them to complete.

Now, I could've carried on dragging the time and follow the recently so wide-spread 'fake it till you make it' principle... but why put myself and my client through this all? I really don't see the point.

I know I wouldn't be able to produce quality work and on time, and they could probably find someone more suitable to do the job.

I'm normally a firm believer in learning by doing and generally follow this method whenever possible. But of course, you can't learn brain surgery just by doing it! (By the way, brain surgery is not what I was asked to do by my new client, just in case I needed to clarify this..)

I've come to the realisation that I'd rather turn jobs/clients away and take on what I know I am capable of doing, than make a bad name for myself. It's such a bitter pill to swallow but I guess it's part of growing up as a person as well as a business.

How would you deal with this? Would you fake it till you make it, or admit defeat and own up to your client?

Zsike | chief vampire

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