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Social media is SO confusing. I just can’t keep up with it!

Updated: Jan 5

I get it. I feel the same way sometimes.

As business owners, we all have to get serious about social media and have a basic strategy in place. This is now expected to form part of your overall business strategy.

I’m one of the “oldies” who was around and old enough to use the internet soon after it all started. 

I used to lurk in the chat rooms on mIRC (ha, I bet you’ll need to look this one up if you were born anywhere after the mid 90’s) opened my account on MySpace when it first kicked off, and did the same right at the beginning of Facebook’s birth. Then Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest...

You could say I’m pretty experienced at this social media malarkey. I feel confident about most major platforms. I’ve got it all sussed out. Then BOOM! It sneaks up on me and catches me out. The dreaded C-word. CHANGE! 

The social media puppet masters like to keep us on our toes. It’s no wonder a lot of us get confused and lose our confidence when it comes to using any of these channels. The rules change too fast and if you miss one or two, you’re left behind in the digital dust.

So, how do I keep up with it?

Here’s my approach:

1.   Be present and get really good on two major social platforms.


2.   Keep your finger on the pulse by having an account on most channels, and checking in now and again, even if you’re not actively using them.

3.   Follow social media industry news like Social Media Today or Digital Trends to keep on top of upcoming changes and predicted trends.

4.   Keep expanding your professional network on your most-used platforms, and follow experts and trendsetters with specific links and interests in the social media world - you can learn a lot from them.

5.   Produce original content and have something interesting to say on other users’ posts too. This should keep up engagement between you and your network, forcing you to remain familiar with, and a regular user of your preferred media.

6.   Google is your friend! Set Google Alerts for the latest social media news and changes. 

7.   Read blogs and watch webinars on the topic. There are countless of free online resources, just make sure you’re not reading something from 2 years ago. Again, Google. 

8.   Have a base-level social media strategy in place, something that aligns with your overall business goals. Familiarise yourself with the analytics tools and keep track of your numbers. You’ll notice trends and this’ll will help you tweak your online activities, for example you can repeat a post or a campaign if it worked particularly well. 

9. Plan ahead! Put some time aside at the beginning of each month to work on your content strategy. Write up a monthly and a weekly content calendar, so you know the topics you want to research and write about. All you need to do then is to spend a couple of hours a week planning and batch-scheduling your content. This way you'll get it done in one go and you won't need to worry about what to post for the rest of the week.

There are various social media scheduling tools available with fab free-to-use features on an ongoing or trial basis.

One of my favourites is SocialPilot as it allows you to effortlessly automate your social media posts across various platforms, all in one place. It assists you in saving time & manage your team efficiently.

10.  Most of all, enjoy the fast-paced nature of this digital world, and if you’re struggling to keep up with it, maybe the time has come to think about outsourcing.

How do you manage keeping on top of your social media game? Is there anything else you’d add to this list?

Zsike | Chief Vampire

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