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Zsike Peter

How is your social media game looking?

Are you struggling to keep up with the ever changing demands of the social media scene? Demands of providing fresh, relevant and personalised content, day in, day out?

Do you feel like you're being left behind in the digital dust because your current half-hearted attempts are just 'meh'?

The social media life is a fast paced one, and it's something that tends to get neglected when we have a business to run and a life to live. 

This is where I come in and guide you to get serious and strategic with leveraging the digital gold mine that social media is.

I'm particularly interested in working with businesses in the creative industry (writers or visual designers) and those who work in linguistics.



​     Let's hook your target audience with engaging, personalised

and fun content, one bite at a time!


A Transylvanian yearns for a different life... She moves to England in search of virgin bloody Marys, and to spread the curse of eternal dark humour, with hopes of redeeming her family's blood-tainted history, thanks to uncle Dracula's otherworldly shenanigans. 

This is my story. Born and raised in Transylvania - Romania, I moved to the UK about 587 years ago. Ok, maybe 18 years ago - but the rest is true! ​

I'm Zsike (Djee-keh), social media & digital content strategist and the owner of Vampire Digital. I have a two year old little girl, and our family of three lives in Bristol, UK.

Prior to flying solo, I've spent 12 years at Airbus in various roles (Communications Manager, Skills & Competence manager, Executive Assistant). Then I had my daughter in 2017. This life-changing event was the turning point for me to sink my teeth into something completely different.

I have initially set up a virtual assistant business, providing social media services as part of my repertoire. This was the right startup for me to learn the ropes of self-employment, but most importantly, to discover what I really wanted to do. 


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