Get to Know Me

Zsike Peter

Social media & digital content strategist

I've realised that social media was - IS my absolute passion. I love creative writing and visual design. I enjoy nothing more than to write my thoughts and draw my mind. ​

I want to help business owners to inject some fresh blood into their social media, and to really bring it alive.


My passion lies with creating well-timed, organic content as a form of inbound marketing. In my experience, people don't like being sold to - my approach is to get your audience knocking on your door.

The professional bits 

I've worked in the Hungarian media for a regional TV / Radio / Newspaper agency. My roles here were news editorial, presenting and creative writing for the local press. 

Communications Manager for the Landing Gear department at Airbus, in Bristol.

IDM Award in Digital Marketing


I come from a Hungarian-Romanian bilingual family. ​

I was a Hungarian student chess champion two years in a row (a long time ago, but still.)

I don't take myself too seriously. Unless we're playing chess. Then it's war!

I'm a sore loser - I need to work on this.

I once auditioned for a youth TV presenter spot for a regional TV channel. The assignment was to spend an hour writing an essay about the red pen they gave me. Gift of the gab means I got the job!

I used to work with Bristol City Council as their Hungarian public service interpreter.

I like knitting. Yes, you read that right.

I also like hanging off of things like indoor climbing walls or rock faces outside in nature.

I can cook a mean Hungarian goulash.

I'm not a pain in the neck.

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